Studio Colrouphobia

Welcome to the website of Studio Colouphobia, an European art studio which mainly focuses on conceptual art and illustrations.

Started in 2007 in Sweden as a side project, Studio Colrouphobia provides quality illustrations and concepts. Evolving from a hobby and side-occupation in taking private commissions  to a full blown freelance studio in four years which combines work for companies such as Games Workshop, Fantasy Flight Games, Prodos Games, and more, with the occasional private commissions.

In 2010 the Studio moved from Sweden to Antwerp, Belgium taking the step to expand and move closer to the hub of Europe in order to facilitate contact with our clientele and become part of the vibrant West-European art scene.

Most of the illustrations produced by the studio are fantasy and Sci-FI inspired pieces. The concepts created vary from fantasy, contemporary and horror to realistic.

About the name:

Coulrouphobia is the scientific term for the fear of clowns. We find clowns creepy and eerie. Stephen King’s “IT” and “Pennywise” did not help in that matter. We know the name is misspelled. At first it was accidental, but we kept it like that. We like to confuse people. We are horrible, we know…But you will like us and our art, despite the quirkiness, anyway.



David is the lead artist and head illustrator for the studio, doing everything from conceptuals to full size high resolution illustrations.

His background stems in grafitti and comic book art and at a later time university studies in conceptual art and graphic design. David has a masters  degree in educational sciences with specialisation in Philosophy and Theology. These are influences that can be clearly seen in his later works.

Mainly working in digital format: David’s style can be described as dystopian Flemish master.



Natasja is freelancing as a part-time artist for the studio, taking on commissions for illustrations, creature-concepts and -design.

A background in art and a Master degree in Evironmental Science show themselves in the choices of subjects by this artist. An organic feel is always present in Natasja’s artwork whether it is digitally made or on canvas. She paints in pop-art style or emanates any style necessary depending on the commission. Having a classical background in oil paining from art conservatory she now mostly paints in acryllics, but in these modern times the occasional digital piece is rendered as the studio is moving more towards a digital medium.

© 2017 Studio Colrouphobia. 

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