Engaging title engaged! Updates!

Fans, Frenemies, people of the Earth- and beyond! Time flies when you are having fun. And well, blogposts apparently get lost in spacetime. We have such sights to show you but here are a few, select, updates on what is going on in the studio.

Natasja opened up her Patreon- Some Like it Painted (click it, you know you want to!). Every child and person in our surroundings (and probably yours too) knows about the endangered tiger, white shark, or panda.

However hardly any one seems to know about the state of the large tortoiseshell butterfly, salamanders, or the European jumping spiders. These creatures are equally important and since Natasja is a firm believer of starting a better environment with oneself she wanted to raise awareness by immortalising these species on paper with vibrant colours and exiting compositions. Wanting to bring back the old art of illustrating wildlife and at the same time giving each creature painted a spot in the limelight means followers and patrons will learn more about the nature close by.

The goal is to make one painting a month, and you can support this via Patreon (see the link above, if you didn't click it before, now is your chance again) if you want to be a tad more involved and follow Natasja on this journey to rediscover the local wild life.

David's Patreon- The Sword (you know the drill, click it!), is still going strong. Due to vacations, June and July didn't have any finished illustrations, but August will see more than before come out (and not everything will be charged, only one charge per month, remember?). Go check it out if you're interested in monsters and building a fantasy world. Also, both David and Natasja are doing commissions on the side. If you are interested in commissioning us, don't hesitate to contact us (we have a contact us page). David does digital illustrations, One simple Character(or creature), on a simple background, for 150 Euro. Half upfront (via paypal, contact us for info) and half upon completion. Every commission takes about 1-2 months to complete. Natasja does traditional watercolour or Acrylics. Contact us with your idea and we can give you a quote on how much it would be and how long it would take. If there is anything else, just send us a message via the contact page and we will get back to you asap. //David

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