1st of March Launch- the Sword

It's pretty obvious by now that I'm hyped about launching my Patreon- the Sword. If you have followed me, or the studio, anywhere on Social Media the past month or three, I'm blurting out things about the Launch all the time. So let's take a small moment to go through what it is that I'm going to do.

What is "The Sword"? Technically speaking, "The Sword" is a work-description. But I'm not going to go more in depth on that just yet. For the purpose of describing the Patreon, and the things that will be done there, let's just leave it at "The Sword" being the title of the project. You can find the Patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/theSword so let's get to the gritty- The World The World of The Sword is a Low Fantasy world of sorts. Set in a technology level somewhere between Medieval and Renaissance. You will not find Automobiles, or even Gas-lit streets, but outlandish experiments with "the fifth power" (electricity) by mages and scholars do occur. Monsters roam the world, monsters we know from myth and folklore in our world, but that are slightly different. The Project

​The Project is going to run a minimum of 12 months, after which I'm hoping to be able to continue (with the support of fans and interested).

Each month, I will illustrate one monster, creature, or beast, that inhabit the world of The Sword.

Most of the illustrating will be done on livestreams that anyone can follow right here- https://www.twitch.tv/studiocolrouphobia (These Livestreams will then be compiled and put up solely for Patrons afterwards.) For the tiny support of 1 USD per illustration on Patreon, you will get to see these Illustrations right when they are done, earlier than anyone else, plus get to see works in progress and get a discount on any prints or other items sold from The Sword. I'm also creating concept art sketches, letting Patrons vote for the next monster, and many other things. Go check out the Patreon for more info on Tiers and rewards.


I'm hoping that a lot of you will find one buck a month small enough to part with per month so that I can do this project of passion, long after the first year. And as said , even if a buck per illustration would be steep (I've lived there, I know) the livestreams are going to be free to follow- https://www.twitch.tv/studiocolrouphobia Every weekday at noon Central European Time (there is a schedule ticker with your local time under the twitch channel, check it out) The Future

If this works out, and I can get a descent support through Patreon and Twitch, then some ways into this year, or next year, I will start building the world of The Sword properly. With more detailed descriptions of geography, populations, creatures, and other things. Hints of these will already be seen this year- for instance an Orc illustration will be released in the Month of March, free for any and all Patrons to see, with some small tidbits on what happened to the great Orc nation. And I hope to be able to explore the North Desserts and their Nomad cultures, as well as the South Mountains and their Ice Demons. So until then,

I hope that you will support me on Patreon- https://www.patreon.com/theSword And that I will see you on the streams on Twitch- https://www.twitch.tv/studiocolrouphobia //David

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