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So the past few months, we have slowly been building our social media presence. To do so we have started posting more art and general artsy things more regularly and more consistently. To do so we made a decision to start using Ripl, an app that makes your posts share across several Social Media platforms. Posting the same images over Facebook Page, Twitter account, Instagram, with the same text is quite strong in itself, but it also adds the means to follow your interactions. Here's a little snippet of how we fared these past weeks.

So a couple of things- 192. that's our weekly goal of interactions. Any post we make through the Ripl app has likes, comments, and shares counted towards that goal. Once you have surpassed the goal by a certain amount for a certain amount of weeks, the goal increases. At first, I thought that wouldn't really have an impact on how I share things, but it does. It makes me (well, the both of us) more Social Media aware; what to share, when, and how. It also triggers the need to create things that can be shared for regularity. It's not just that we make art every day, we also make art that can be shared every, or almost every, day. When we started with Ripl, our average weekly interactions where in the lower 30's. Now 230-250 is on slow weeks. That should give you an indication on how this affects us. Do you have to use Ripl? No. But we find it one of the best things that has happened to us. There are other apps out there, of course, but our experience with Ripl, and how any problems are handled by them, is exemplary. If you like to see our posts on social media, just go to any (or all) of the following links:

https://www.facebook.com/StudioColrouphobia/ https://twitter.com/Colrouphobia


Road to Jove

The Road to Jove website is getting a tune-up. In the meanwhile we're trying to set up a temp-page. It might also be that the page is down for a number of days, but please hang in there. We're picking up the pace this year, so there is loads more RtJ to come!

The Sword On March 1st I am kicking off the Sword on Patreon. It's equally nerve-racking as exciting. This is the first truly own-created IP that I have unleashed on the world. Haven't heard about the Sword yet? The Sword is a world of fantasy with a focus to make illustrations of monsters, beasts, and their environments. Building a world and a setting for them to live in. Central to this is a single Sword. It's not a magical sword, but it always seems to be there... at the center of attention. "What is this Patreon you are talking about?" I hear you say. Well, it's means for you, the fan of our works, to support us, artists. In this particular case, it's supporting me, for creating fantasy art. I'll let Jack Conte, Patreon's head honcho, explain:

Every Monday until March 1st, there will be a new Patreon Tier described. This weeks Monday, that was Tier 1.

Tier1 - Knife 1$/illustration •Early Access •Works in Progress •10% off on any Print sales of The Sword So there you have it.

Stay tuned for more insights and tidbits and don't forget to check out the Sword!

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