Happy two thousand artteen

A new year, a clean slate for most. Alas no tabula rasa from the Paintcave and Library at the studio. As an artist it is nigh impossible to finish everything up before the end of the year. Year-end-closings are a tad more complex in the art world and to be honest we like it that way.

2018 will be the year when finally those lurking canvases will be finished, the year where all our digital ideas come to full fruition and the year where all our sketches end up as finished art pieces. ;)

Joking aside, letting go of a project can be a vital part of evolving as an artist. Every idea seems brilliant when one thinks of it, however when one lets them sink in quite often they loose their shine and brilliance. In those cases we learn from them and take the bits we like and make something different from it.

For 2018 we already have the following plans in the pipeline: a Patreon for David's the Sword and an online store for Natasja's canvases and general studio sketches and art.

We would also like to put more emphasis on the two sides of our studio: The Library aka the sacred space where sketches are made and where David does his live streams while working his digital magic and the Paintcave, which in a bout of poetic dichotomy is located at the opposite side of the house. The Paincave being the messier paint-covered den where Natasja unleashes unholy necromancy unto her canvas in order to tame the natural order. We would like to show more input from both aspects of the studio.

We also have space for 2 private commissions during January, drop us a message if you are interested.

So keep an eye out for updates, and let the good art continue to roll as the earth continues it's celestial orbit for another cycle.

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