To go all Greek on you all "συνεργός", the creation of something which is larger than the sum of it's parts.

It would be nice to say this is happening all the time at the studio. Often I hear the comment "How nice to work with your husband, that must be so rewarding". (Read that remark in that annoying Hermione Granger voice, and you get how I perceive that comment). And I admit, on occasion it comes in handy to have a person around that can point out the flaws in your design or suggest a colour palette. My partner is my soundboard. Alas this also means we are sometimes each other's only soundboard, which can be limiting. Hence why David does his "Making art with metal"-sessions in order to get some external input and feedback.

We have an amazing synergy at the studio,however it is a fine balance between synergy and discord at times. When the other person makes something smashing, the initial reaction is a healthy mix between "wow that looks so good, I love you for this" to "why am I not so good, I hope a lorry runs over your fingers". :)

Asking for feedback, is another tricky bit, and can result in three options here at the studio:

*I need input to progress

*I am happy with this, what do you think? Don't you dare mentioning it is crappy. I love this.

*I hate this piece. How do I improve? What do you mean you like it. Are you blind it is crap!

We are getting better at detecting those moods. We should be since we have been at it for 10 years this year. But it requires an extreme amount of trust to expose oneself and one's art to such scrutiny. Our synergy works, and rarely is the critique on our work not taken into account by the other part. It comes in handy to have your partner so close by, yet since he is my partner and I know what he looks like before he had his first cup of coffee in the morning, it makes it difficult to keep a strictly professional attitude at times. :) That is usually not an issue when one works at an office ;).

Once in a while we do dabble into that grey zone where we collaborate fully. Currently we are working together on illustrations for a children's book made for the lovely peeps over at Everstory. I do not have the time to finish all the colouring, hence I sketch up the pages and David does the colouring and digital rendering. It is both fascinating and nerve wrecking to see how I envisioned things be executed by someone else. "Oh you use that shade of green for the jacket. Okay. Lemme fetch some tea and come back to you before anxiety kicks in."

I do not envision the Greek "συνεργός" meaning it would be simple and smooth. It can be at some times, but there are storming moments as well. And once and a while, when the planets do align we collaborate on pieces that reflect us both so well. :)

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