Commissioning David



  • Bust illustration € 200

  • Full Character € 400

  • Group Illustration € 700+

These prices are for non-commercial rights, and simple characters/creatures with simple backgrounds. 

If you have other requirements such as a detailed environment, multiple-character scenes, commercial rights, etc communicate this in your email so we can discuss a tailored quote.


Please send your character’s physical description, backstory, and any photo/art references to the studio email. If you click the link to send the mail- Please keep the Subject, or adding that the commission is for David, but feel free to add the name of your character to it. It helps us to keep track of everything and everyone.
(Pro-tip: clicking the button of the example image makes things even easier for you) 

Be sure to mention key details like skin colour, age etc.

We ask for half the payment up front and half when the commission is finished. Once we receive the first payment, you are added to David's painting queue. We work on a first come, first serve basis, so the sooner you commit the sooner your piece will get done!

Once David start work on your piece, you can watch him work on it live on the Studio Twitch Channel; David streams art there four days a week.

Thanks for your interest, and looking forward to speaking with you.

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